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E-Prime 2 - Professional Edition

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E-Prime is a suite of applications to fulfill all of your computerized experiment needs.

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E-Prime is a suite of applications to fulfill all of your computerized experiment needs.  Used by more than 15,000 professionals in the research community, E-Prime provides an easy to use environment for computerised experiment design, data collection and analysis and provides millisecond precision timing to ensure the accuracy of your data.  E-Prime’s flexibility to create simple to complex experiments is ideal for both novice and advanced users and provides a powerful and flexible means of covering all the steps from initial design through to data processing within a single environment.

The application suite includes:
E-Studio, a drag and drop graphical environment for creating experiments.
E-Basic, the underlying scripting language of E-Prime. E-Studio provides access to E-Basic, enabling you to specify non-standard operations or objects not specifically addressed within the graphical interface of E-Studio.
E-Run, once experiment design is complete, a single mouse click generates it into an E-basic script.  E-run then affords you the millisecond precision of stimulus presentation, synchronisation and data collection.
E-Merge, quickly and easily combines your single session data files for group analysis whilst maintaining a history of each data file.
E-DataAid, a data management utility specific to E-Prime with data security and flexible options for filtering, editing, analysing and exporting your data.
E-Recovery, recovers your data files in the event of early terminated experiments, or lost or corrupted files.

New with version 2.0

  • Enhanced graphical interface
  • Ability to play movies (MPEG, AVI, WMV)
  • Copy & Paste objects between experiments
  • Digital recording of subject vocalisations
  • Increased display speed for bitmap transfers
  • Support for additional image formats (JPEG, PNG, etc.)
  • Improved options for network or ghosting installations
  • Support for presentation of stimuli on multiple video displays
  • Improved audio support (additional formats, increased length)
  • Support for UNICODE and international fonts
  • Support for new devices (Joystick, Parallel Port Device, Network Socket Device)
  • Enhanced support for larger scripts
  • Improved documentation and indexing of online Help
  • Professional version with enhanced capabilities
  • Enhanced Support for fMRI and Integration with Tobii Eyetracker

E-Prime 2.0 Professional

E-Prime Professional extends E-Prime v2.0 with enhanced capabilities for more sophisticated designs.

  • Easier interfacing with external devices
  • Tools for faster debugging
  • Utilities for experiment and subject control
  • Expanded options for presentation modalities
  • User-friendly package file support
  • Expanded range of stimulus options
  • Greater control with script to generate more sophisticated designs

Network licences

Site licences are no longer supported, but network licences are available for E-Prime 2.0 Professional. Licences are based on the number of concurrent seats purchased (minimum of 10). The number of concurrent seats purchased corresponds to the number of copies of the E-Prime software that can be used on the network simultaneously for experiment design.

For every 10 concurrent network seats purchased, users will additionally receive two complimentary E-Prime 2.0 Professional Single User Licenses up to a maximum of 5 complimentary Licences for 30 or more Network seats (can be used when not connected to the local network). Each site will receive one network licence key which may be attached to any machine running on the local network via a USB port. All other machines on the network will check for the existence of this key when the E-Prime software is launched and will permit the launch to continue only if there are additional seats currently available.

The E-Prime 2.0 Professional Network system is identical to the E-Prime 2.0 Professional Single User system in regards to its capabilities and features. However, the network licence offers more efficient and centralised control by supporting the ‘ghosting’ of lab machines from a single software image. This allows significant cost and time savings when imaging, deploying, migrating and managing systems

E-Prime® is intended for research only

Technical requirements for E-Prime 2.0

E-Prime® 2.0 SP2 is compatible with PCs running:

  • Windows® 10 (E-Prime 2.0 SP2 only)
  • Windows® 8/8.1 32 and 64-bit
  • Windows® 7 SP1 32 and 64-bit
  • Windows® Vista SP1 32 and 64-bit
  • Windows® XP SP3 32-bit
Minimum Recommended
  • Pentium Dual-Core or Multi-Core Processor 2GHz or higher
  • 1024MB RAM
  • DirectX™ video card***
  • USB Port
  • Pentium i7 Processor 2GHz or higher
  • 2048MB RAM or higher
  • DirectX™ 11 video card with 128MB RAM or higher
  • Sound hardware as recommended*
  • CD-ROM
  • USB Port**
  • Internet Connection

* Sound timing recommendations from Article 1307 of the E-Prime Knowledge Base.

Sound Latency - Not all sound cards provide optimal millisecond timing.  If your experiment does not require specific sound timing, just use your computer's native sound hardware and E-Prime's default sound settings. Sound will still be generated. 

However, for experiment paradigms that require auditory stimuli, much care and concern should be considered with the hardware being used. E-Prime reports millisecond accurate timing. This does not mean that E-Prime is capable of making hardware do things it cannot.

Sound cards can have good or poor startup latency, which is the time from when E-Prime tells the sound card to play sound to when the sound actually emits from the sound card or speakers. Not all sound cards are created equal. Results can also depend on the selected sound card driver and selected API (application programming interface). The default API used by Windows XP and E-Prime 1.0, E-Prime 1.1, E-Prime 1.2, and E-Prime 2.0 is DirectSound, which is the capabilities offered by DirectX. E-Prime 2.0.10.X allows for the option of selecting the DirectSound, ASIO or Core Audio/WASAPI APIs so that the API with the lowest possible sound latency for a particular sound card may be used.

** Recommended hardware add-on: Chronos

*** DirectX 11 Hardware Acceleration required for Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Please use Recommended hardware requirements for millisecond accurate timing while playing movies.

E-Prime 2 - Professional Edition

E-Prime v2.0 Professional Single User Licence
Includes 3 years Silver Service & Support
Price per licence. Discounts no longer apply for 5 or more.
£ 793.91 883.66
E-Prime v2.0 Professional Network Licences (10-14)
Includes 3 years Silver Service & Support
Price per seat for 10-14 seats
£ 635.13 706.93
E-Prime v2.0 Professional Network Licences (15-19)
Includes 3 years Silver Service & Support
Price per seat for 15-19 seats
£ 556.14 619.01
E-Prime v2.0 Professional Network Licences (20-39)
Includes 3 years Silver Service & Support
Price per seat for 20-39 seats
£ 476.35 530.20
E-Prime v2.0 Professional Network Licences (40-79)
Includes 3 years Silver Service & Support
Price per seat for 40-79 seats
£ 397.35 442.27
E-Prime v2.0 Professional Network Licences (80-250)
Includes 3 years Silver Service & Support
Price per seat for 80-250 seats
£ 317.56 353.46
Upgrade to E-Prime v2 Professional
Includes 3 years Silver Service & Support
Upgrade from Eprime v1 or Standard v2
£ 474.75 528.42
E-Prime v2.0 runtime licence
Permits data collection on up to 100 machines (including at a site remote to the one purchasing the development licence)
£ 99.74 111.01
Bundle 1 - E-Prime v2.0 Professional + Chronos (special price) £ 1388.55 1545.52
Bundle 2 - E-Prime v2.0 Prof + Chronos + Chronos Expansion Bundle (Special price) £ 1783.51 1985.13
E-Prime v2.0 Gold Cover Support Plan - Renewal 1 Year £ 155.59 173.18
E-Prime v2.0 Silver Support Plan - Renewal 1 Year £ 27.93 31.08

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