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Gorilla is a cloud based research platform that allows students and researchers to create and deploy behavioural (reaction-time) experiments online.

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What is Gorilla? 

Gorilla is a cloud based research platform that allows students and researchers to create and deploy behavioural (reaction-time) experiments online.  It’s about the same level of technical complexity as using Powerpoint and Excel. 

Gorilla contains a questionnaire builder, a task builder, and experiment configuration tool and the means to deploy the experiment online in a variety of ways.  Once deployed online, you can recruit participants via social media (i.e. Facebook) or paid services such as mTurk, Prolific or SONA.  It also contains a JavaScript code editor for those that want to code. 

Data Security, Ethics, Ownership 

All data is stored on Microsoft Azure servers in the Republic of Ireland.  Data is encrypted and stored in compliance with BPS guidelines.  Users own and are responsible for the content they create and data collected.   


It is free to sign up to Gorilla and to use our questionnaire, task and experiment creation tools.  We only charge for data collection.  This costs £0.75 per participant data. 

Our pricing allows universities to use Gorilla in research methods classes to teach students how to create tasks and experiments (that’s free!) and then the students select one study to be put online for data to be collected.  Each student could send the link to a few friends and then when the data is in, the class can analyse the data.  1 study with 200 Ps would cost £150 + VAT. 

Alternatively, we offer discounts for bulk purchases of participant tokens which makes Gorilla affordable for student projects.  See separate pricing documents. 

Benefits for Students and teaching staff 

Students benefit by designing and creating experiments without learning to code. 

This gives students the valuable experience of operationalising their own experiment and focuses them of the psychological methodology.  Once their data is collected they will have to analyse the data and this improves their quantitative and analytical skills. 

Many students opt for qualitative research because it is easier to collect data online.  But the side effect is that they do less quantitative analysis.  Gorilla provides the best of both.  Students can do quantitative research online.  Quantitative research is highly valued by employers so this increases their employability. 

The teaching tools within Gorilla make it easy to share resources with students for assignment and easy for students to submit their assignments for marking. 

Benefits for Researchers 

Researchers benefit by designing, creating, and completing studies far more quickly and cheaply.  We’ve known researchers design, run and analyse data for an experiment with days and weeks.  This makes researchers more productive and reduces the likelihood that researchers spend months exploring a dead end. 

Benefits for Technical Staff 

Gorilla is incredibly easy to use.  Technical staff benefit by having fewer support queries.  When queries arise, these are easier to address as students can share projects with technical staff who can then help them online. 

Other benefits 

Gorilla operates on any device with a browser.  Consequently, students can use their own laptops for lab work.  Over time there will be less pressure on the department to provide computers. 

What support is provided by Gorilla 

Sample tasks available in Gorilla can be cloned for easy adaptation.  Our support pages also provide all the details needed to use the software. 

We also offer email support to paying clients.  However, we must be careful not to help students too much.  After all, students’ work is meant to reflect their skill level, not that of the help desk! 

Why researchers like Gorilla: 

"Gorilla is designed for psychologists, so it has all the relevant options. I've found it really easy to use and very flexible."  Hannah Betts, University College London

"Gorilla is quite simply a revolutionary product for the field of psychology. With so much of the field collecting data over the Internet, the unrivalled flexibility of Gorilla to create any behavioural task quickly and easily is invaluable. On top of that, it provides many complex tasks ready-made, as well as integration with many participant pools like SONA and In short, Gorilla really will transform your research and is a fantastic investment." Alex Jones, Swansea University

"I use Gorilla in my research on typical and atypical social abilities. This combines experimental tasks and questionnaire measures, in a way that is not possible using other platforms. I found the platform intuitive, easily to learn, but also very powerful. And I have also been extremely impressed with the enthusiasm and (personalized) support from the Gorilla Team, and believe the platform has potential to be the market leader in online experimentation, both in and outside of academic settings!" Punit Shah, Kings College London

"Gorilla is a great product providing great value to researchers conducting online experiments. The workflow is very clear and cleverly designed. It is a very efficient, flexible and powerful way of creating online experiments. The user interface is super user-friendly and there is practically no learning curve. Thanks for the great support service, too." Wing Lau, Xi'an Jiaotong, Liverpool University

"Gorilla lets me take my experiments online quickly and efficiently. The clear and straightforward interface allows me to map out the logic of my experimental designs, whilst its modular nature helps me to build and test components as I go. Taking my research online will dramatically increase my sample size, and help me to reach groups under-represented in my field." Alexandra Hendry, Kings College London

"I finally had some time to sit through the experiment again yesterday and it looks absolutely amazing! And I’m even more amazed that it took me less than two weeks to set it all up. Thanks for making this possible!" Eva Port, University College London

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