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Gorilla Student Edition

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Gorilla Student Edition offers institutions a low-cost option for using Gorilla within their teaching curriculum.

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Gorilla Student Edition offers institutions a low-cost option for using Gorilla within their teaching curriculum. It reduces the available Recruitment Policies to the ones that students need, and adds a rich set of teaching tools to allow tutors and supervisors to easily configure tasks, questionnaires and experiments that are used in their classes and lectures.


Design Tools

  • Full access to all design and development tools with no limitations.


  • Unlimited number of users in your department each with their own account.

Recruitment policies

  • Simple Link and SONA recruitment policies, which are the two policies most used by students.
  • Other policies available on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Teaching Tools

  • Teachers can create modules and assignments, and pre-configure assignments with example tasks, questionnaires and experiments
  • Students can access modules that they have been assigned to, use the example content to build their own projects, and then submit those projects to the assignment for their teachers to review


  • Two named staff in the department have access to Email support from the Gorilla team.
  • All users have access to the comprehensive documentation on the support pages and to the named users above.

Participant Experience

  • Participants will see a Footer saying Gorilla Student Edition.


We offer two subscription models.  Fixed price and unlimited participants.


Fixed Price

Unlimited Participants


You are allocated 5,000 participant tokens.

You are allocated unlimited participant tokens.


Tokens must be assigned manually by the subscription administrator

No management required.  But usage controls still available.  See below.

Top ups

Additional tokens can be bought in batches of 1000


Unused Tokens

Any unused participants can be rolled over to the following year.


Renewal Price

You can renew at a usage level of your choice above 5,000 participants.

The subsequent year's renewal price will reflect the previous year's usage.


This approach allows the department to manage usage to hit a budget.

This approach minimizes the administrative burden.


  • Token management:  You have full control over how your participant allocation is used. You can set an upper limit that any one account can consume, or only assign participants directly to individual accounts.
  • Subscription analytics:  You can track token usage per account holder.

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