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Gorilla™ Behavioural Science in the Cloud

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Gorilla is a cloud based research platform for behavioural scientists that provides a powerful and secure way of creating, running and sharing questionnaires, tasks and experiments online.

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What is Gorilla?

Gorilla is a cloud based research platform for behavioural scientists that provides a powerful and secure way of creating, running and sharing questionnaires, tasks and experiments online.

Configure your task without touching a line of code

Create the task structure and then specify the trial content via a spreadsheet.  Within the spreadsheet you can specify randomisation at both the trial level and block level.  You can present images, sounds, video clips and text.  We believe that 90% of traditional tasks can be created in Gorilla without touching a line of code. 

Collect key presses, button clicks, reaction times, and many more response options!

See video demo here:

Configure your questionnaires without touching a line of code

Create your questionnaire by selecting from our numerous questionnaire widgets.  The live preview ensures you know exactly what your questionnaire will look like and how it will behave.

Our questionnaire tool is perfect for collecting consent, participant demographics and any other study specific questions you have.  Questionnaires can also be used to exclude participants that don’t meet your requirements.

You can also use questionnaires after a task to ask questions about the experience.

Link questionnaires and task together to create your experimental design.

Use the intuitive experiment tree to design your experiment.  Below is a between subject intervention with pre- and pos-test. 

Link together questionnaires and tasks control nodes to create a novel procedure.  Add conditional branching nodes and powerful randomisers that control group allocation or task order to design a well-controlled experiment without touching a line of code. 

Author tasks with our online JavaScript Editor

Or, if you’d rather code your task yourself, then use our online JavaScript Editor.  This gives you all the freedom you need to develop any task.  You can even integrate third party libraries (JSPsych, voice recognition, feature detection) to collect novel data. 

We’ve used the code editor to create complex educational games.

See demonstration:

We can also embed games written in the Unity game engine.

See video of a single trial:

The JavaScript editor is perfect for departments that have a resident programmer to support their staff.  It gives the programmer complete freedom to use the third party libraries they want, but gives them the support of the wider Gorilla platform.

Gorilla Platform

The Gorilla platform will do all the heavy lifting of putting your task online and collecting your data.  It’s touch compatible and mobile ready out of the box, and works on all major browsers.


Our emailing tools can automate the emailing of your participants, or alternatively create a simple link for participants just click on.  We’ve integrated with various common participant recruitment services (i.e. SONA, Prolific Academic and mTurk) to make running these studies even easier.  We can integrate with many other recruitment services, just let us know that you need it!

Data Storage and Security

The data is stored in compliance with BPS guidelines; participant, demographic and performance data are stored and downloaded separately.  For the majority of studies, you may not even collect identifying data, which adds a further level of protection.  Nevertheless, our database schema is designed to support double-blind studies, so it is possible to join demographics and performance data without seeing information that identifies participants.

Download your data in csv format.  From there you can follow your normal workflow be that in Excel, SPSS, R or any other package.

Timing Accuracy

As of 2012, new techniques exist within browsers to allow sufficient accuracy for a wide range of behavioural research.  HTML5 canvas can present images at 60 frames per second, that’s just over every 16ms.  Keyboards and mice are polled every ~8ms.  Both server and local (i.e. on device) timestamps are recorded to give you the best precision we can.

Participant Requirements

Gorilla also allows you to constrain participants by device type, geo-location and connection speed.  This is particularly useful if you want to prevent participants taking part on a phone or with a poor internet connection.

Open Science

Cauldron are committed to the principles of Open Science. In the product as it stands, Tasks Builder tasks can be sent to other users, modified, and redeployed, and of course any tasks built in the Code Editor have the source code visible.  We are also building a Gorilla library where tasks can be published for other members of the research community to use.

Importantly, you own the tasks that you have created and you own your data.  We will never sell it to third parties.

Gorilla for Teaching

Gorilla is ideal for students who should be focusing on the science not learning how to code.  Many students find that they spend a disproportionate amount of their time wrestling with programming languages such as Matlab or Eprime, or with tools that aren’t quite designed for their specific purposed, like Qualtrics or SurveyMonkey. So our challenge was to keep it simple to use while supporting complex features such as randomisation, order effects and branching.

At UCL first year students take part in a classic experiment (for example an IAT) set up by their lecturer in Gorilla.  All the students then take part in this experiment before their lecture.  During the research methods lecture they analyse and interpret their own results.  After this in seminar groups they modify the IAT to address their own novel hypothesis, collect data and write this up individually as a lab report.  The 2016 cohort collected data from over 1500 participants, addressing 26 different hypotheses.  This gives the students far more exposure to the complexity of operationalising an experiment correctly, and improves their critical evaluation of the methods section in the research they study.  Second year students are challenged to create their own tasks and experiments.

To support the teaching process, we’ve added some tool for the teachers so that they can share questionnaires, tasks and experiments with all their students at once and also see all their students’ work so that they can help if necessary.

Who is Gorilla made by?

Gorilla is made by Cauldron who have many years’ experience building software for behavioural scientists.  Cauldron seek to support behavioural scientists by creating online experimental platforms. Their ultimate ambition is to support the transfer of their findings into frontline evidence-tested interventions.

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