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SuperLab X5

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SuperLab X5 provides live integration with SMI and Tobii eye trackers, allowing a researcher to easily build gaze contingent experiments.

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SuperLab X5 

SuperLab has always been about combining powerful features with user friendliness. The X5 edition takes this to an entirely new level with seamless integrations built in.

SuperLab X5 integrates with SMI and Tobii eye trackers. It provides live integration, allowing a researcher to easily build gaze contingent experiments. SuperLab X5 interprets the gaze data being streamed from the eye tracker and determines if it falls within an area of interest (AOI).

When you start an experiment with a participant, SuperLab X5 provides eye tracker calibration on the fly, eliminating the need to go back and forth between your stimulus presentation computer and the eye tracker software.

When your eye tracker is not physically present, SuperLab X5 provides an eye tracker emulator using the mouse so you can continue working when away from the lab.

SuperLab X5 can also record and save the streamed gaze data.

When used with SMI's BeGaze software, SuperLab X5 makes available a screen snapshot of the trial, allowing BeGaze to overlay the screen snapshot with a heat map of the participant's eye gaze.

SuperLab X5 is in public beta and available to all. Even if you do not currently have an eye tracker, you can still use the mouse emulation feature to try it out.  If the current release is purchased when the final version is ready this would be sent to you.

Only the Windows version supports SMI. For Tobii, either Mac or Windows version will work.

Non-refundable – please evaluate the free 30-day trial before you buy.

The integration with eye tracker hardware is currently implemented on the Windows version only. Integration with Tobii is planned for the Macintosh version (SMI does not yet offer a Software Development Kit (SDK) for the Mac).


Download SuperLab X5 for Macintosh

The Mac version of SuperLab X5 supports only Tobii; SMI does not yet offer Software Development Kit for the Mac. Requires Mac OS 10.9 “Mavericks” or later.
Requires an Intel-based Mac.

Download SuperLab X5 for Windows

Requires Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, or XP with Service Pack 3. For using movies, you need
DirectX 9.0 and a compatible video card, including hardware acceleration support and VMR.

Both versions of SuperLab X5 can play movies on a single core or single processor computer, but playing movies smoothly requires a dual core computer.

SuperLab X5

New SuperLab X5
Single Licence (non-refundable). Please evaluate the free 30-day trial before you buy
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