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E-Prime Extensions for fMRI

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Psychology Software Tools to optimise E-Prime experiments for fMRI research

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E-Prime® Extensions for fMRI Overview

E-Prime® Extensions for fMRI (EEfMRI) software is designed to optimize E-Prime® experiments for fMRI research.

EEfMRI allows you to synchronize the start of your experiment with the first scanner trigger pulse along with several valuable features to enhance the control you have over your experiment.

Implementing EEfMRI into your current experiments is achieved by simply dragging and dropping the correct EEfMRI package calls into the E-Prime® experiment in the appropriate places. EEfMRI is designed to integrate with other PST hardware and software to increase usability for researchers while maintaining the millisecond accuracy of E-Prime®.

E-Prime® Extensions for fMRI Features

  • Synchronisation of the start of the experiment with the scanner trigger pulse
  • Simplified logging of user-specified experimental events to tailor behavioural output for later analysis
  • Menu system that allows the experimenter to group multiple tasks into a single experiment and interactively choose which tasks to present at run time
  • Ability to interrupt a running task in a controlled manner to restart tasks without terminating the entire experiment
  • New documentation including samples and tutorials
  • Turnkey fMRI block sample (MapperOne.es2) that reliably activates important functional areas

    E-Prime® Extensions for fMRI™ is intended for research use only.

E-Prime® Extensions for fMRI Requirements

  • E-Prime Professional
  • Additional hardware for scanner trigger pulse synchronization with start of experiment

E-Prime Extensions for fMRI

E-Prime extensions for fMRI
Including 1 year's Silver Service & Support. Specify for Right or Left Hand
£ 1546.20 1770.40
E-Prime extensions for Tobii or SMI
Please state which extensions are required. All Extensions include 1 year's Silver Service and Support
£ 1816.79 2080.22

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