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DirectRT v2014

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Designed for cognitive and perception tasks that require millisecond precision. Powerful and easy to use.

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DirectRT v2014 for all versions of Windows is now available.

Do you have tasks in which you measure RTs that average less than 1000ms?  Do you have tasks in which stimulus onset and presentation times are seriously expressed in milliseconds and not seconds?  Are you comfortable with the “blocks of trials” concept?  If so, then you have come to the right place - Direct RT can dramatically simplify your life.

DirectRT designed for cognitive and perception tasks that require millisecond precision.  Powerful and easy to use.  With Direct RT you can quickly and easily create reaction time tasks that require precision timing.  You will be able to easily obtain accurate high speed response and input from keyboards, mice, joysticks, microphones and external hardware.  Present sound, video, images and text with exacting precision.  You will be amazed at how DirectRT can make this so easy.

DirectRT comes with extensive on-line help files and a manual, and an on-line tutorial with over 40 samples that illustrate simple and advanced techniques.

General features and response times

  • Timing resolution of 1 millisecond; response timing synchronized with the screen display
  • Uses Microsoft’s DirectX to gain the fastest access possible to input events from the keyboard, mouse, joystick and soundcard
  • Collect multiple response times on a single trial; key release response times in addition to key press times
  • Define valid keys for any response; define 'correct' key for any response.
  • Optionally require a correct response

Input Options

  • Keyboard, mouse and joystick input for single keypress or button responses
  • Short open ended (fill-in-the-blank) responses
  • Voice responses via microphone connected to your soundcard; option of saving voice responses
  • Continuous joystick motion.
  • TTL signals can be read from a defined port

Stimulus presentation

  • Create as many different displays as you need for any given trial
  • Create scale responses and multiple choice questions in any format
  • Multiple simultaneous and/or sequential sound files, with control over left/right panning and frequency (Hz). Synchronized with visual stimuli.
  • Send precisely synchronized TTL signals to communicate with external equipment
  • Present subject's own responses to open ended questions as stimuli in same session
  • Create multiple style settings with choices of fonts and display colors
  • Present multiple images and/or text in succession or simultaneously; superimpose custom graphics over any other image or text
  • Capture screens from Microsoft PowerPoint as stimulus or instruction screens
  • Precisely locate images and text
  • Enter stimulus presentation times in milliseconds. DirectRT will determine the screen refresh rate and will present the stimulus for the number of screen refreshes that will comes closest to your specified interval. All actual display times are written to a log file for each session

Randomization and trial structure

  • Flexible randomization at multiple levels
  • Extremely flexible trial design which can change from one trial to the next
  • Define stimuli directly in the input file or refer to stimulus lists
  • Access stimuli from lists sequentially, randomly, or randomly without replacement
  • Create scale responses and multiple choice questions in any format
  • Skip pattern capability when a particular key is pressed on any trial
  • Jump capability - depending on which key is pressed, DirectRT jumps to different events (such as a feedback sequence) and then resumes where it left off
  • Self-paced or time-limited responses
  • Repeat trials for which stimuli were randomly selected at run-time

Data features

  • Write data to an ASCII file.; add optional variables to the data file that identify within subject trial conditions
  • Importe data straight into Excel or SPSS
  • Merge data files collected on different computers
  • Produces two data files per run: one is simplified and easy to use for most purposes and a more detailed ‘log’ version  records everything including actual stimulus presentation times

Other Features

  • Easily modify and re-use your input files experiments
  • Edit from your favourite spreadsheet application
  • Runs easily from a command line prompt so you can call the session and execute it seamlessly from your within own programs
  • Context sensitive help 

DirectIN Keyboards and Response Boxes

DirectIN response systems are designed for use with DirectRT or MediaLab, and can be used with other software too.

Offering researchers an easy-to-configure, durable and user-friendly method of collecting data using their software of choice. The system is based on a high-performance microcontroller which communicates with the host computer via USB.

Because the average timing latency and error of the DirectIN electronics is well under a millisecond, it is ideally suited for precision response time measurement. The box is is also ideally suited for even the most physically demanding experimental environments.

The box works with any operating system that can accept a standard USB connection and appears to be a standard (albeit extremely precise) QWERTY keyboard when connected to any computer running DirectRT or MediaLab. Any button of the hardware system can be easily programmed to appear as any key on a standard keyboard.

The base unit contains the control electronics for the system, as well as a connector which mates with the wiring harness attached to a top which can be changed at a moment's notice. You can make the change in under two minutes.

Additional custom-designed tops can be specifed with a template

DirectIN precision keyboard

A modified high quality keyboard (from Apple) with a circuit board and chip that can be used to scan and report keyboard activity with almost no delay (~900 microseconds).  This provides the convenience of a standard keyboard with the speed and accuracy of a custom-made button box.

The upgraded keyboard will appear as a standard keyboard when connected to any computer (PC or Mac) via USB or USB2. 

It is strongly recommended that systems running DirectRT have at least 128mb of memory, a graphics card with at least 8mb of video memory and a processor speed of at least 500mhz. The log files that DirectRT produces will show you whether or not any computer in question can handle your experimental design.

DirectRT requires that Microsoft’s DirectX Version 7 or later be installed (Windows ME, 2000, or XP you will already have DirectX Version 7 or later installed). Windows NT4 Does not support DirectX.

Finally, it is also necessary to have a spreadsheet application installed (e.g., Excel) if you plan to edit or view the DirectRT input and output files on that machine-or if you plan to try the DirectRT on-line tutorials. All input and output files are created and saved in .CSV format which is editable from any standard spreadsheet application.

DirectRT v2014

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DirectRT v14 - small group site-licence (up to 25 users) £ 1932.75 2213.00
DirectRT v14 - Departmental site licence £ 2705.85 3098.20
MediaLab & DirectRT v14 - Departmental Site Licence Bundle £ 5025.15 5753.80
DirectIN precision keyboard (Educational) £ 297.64 340.80
DirectIN response box system £ 452.26 517.84
Additional DirectIN box key tops (custom) £ 38.66 44.26

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