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Lumina MRI & MEG response pad system

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A patient response system designed specifically for use in an fMRI or MEG environment.

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Reliable, accurate and safe

Lumina LP-400 3G system for fMRI is a quality-built patient response system (also called button response unit or BRU) designed for use in an MRI environment. It meets the requirements of both the clinical and research communities.

The system consists of several components including response pads, controller and over 40 metres (140 feet) of cables. Lumina was developed to satisfy the requirements of both clinical and research fields. It is compatible with most leading software packages and interfaces easily with a number of third party hardware devices as well.

The Lumina LP-400 system includes a choice of fibre-optic response pads with coloured push buttons (the LP-RH pair is pictured to the left and the LP-PAIR on the right). Other response pads are available and detailed below.

The pads are built of 100% plastic and fibre-optic components, are magnetically and RF inert and water resistant. The pads are permanently connected to an OTEC unit (for creating the light signals) via a 3m fibre-optic cable. The system also includes a sophisticated control box and two shielded 21m cables, a 9v adaptor and a serial port cable. A filter for the penetration panel can also be supplied free of charge on request.

Key Layouts for different applications


The most popular and general purpose model; two buttons per hand.


Easily used in either hand.


Designed for experiments that involve spatial orientation.


Ergonomic larger pad, allows hand to rest on it.
                                      Left hand model also available (LP-LH).


Gaming-like response pad.


General purpose; also suitable for scales e.g Likert


A Rock Solid Controller to Match

Lumina’s sturdy and fast controller captures patients’ button presses and triggers generated by MR scanners, time-stamps with a millisecond accuracy, and converts them into simultaneous serial port and parallel outputs1.

The controller is supported by many software packages and programming languages.

Time-stamped information is output only on the serial port

Features At a Glance:

Up to 10 keys - Use two response pads simultaneously with up to five keys each.

Sync with Scanner - Compatible with GESiemens and PhillipsMRI scanner triggers

Universal Software Support - USB “keyboard mode” makes your controller work with any software package

Built-In I/O - It’s like getting a free I/O device that can send 8 bits of TTL output

Millisecond Timing - Built-in high resolution timer that can be reset in three different ways

Light Sensor Support - Record precisely the onset of visual stimuli and even have it reset the built-in timer

Keyboard Mode - With this feature your computer thinks that a second USB keyboard is plugged in allowing the controller to work with any software.

Broad Application Support

A number of software packages know how to communicate directly with the Lumina controller and take advantage of its features:

  • SuperLab
  • E-Prime
  • Presentation
  • Experiment Builder
  • Inquisit
  • MEDx
  • VSG

Library Support

For the coder in you, free libraries are available for these programming environments:

  • C++
  • Matlab
  • Python

Accuracy By Design

The built-in timer in the Lumina controller measures with precision when the participant presses (or releases) a key, then sends time-stamped information to the computer.

Just as important, the timer can be reset in one of three ways: via a command sent over USB, when the light sensor detects the onset of a visual stimulus, or via an external device.

MRI Accessories That You Might Need

(see prices and ordering section for further information)

  • Lumina 3G+ Controller (LG501)
  • Lumina Extended 3-year Premium Warranty
  • m-pod  - to connect Lumina controller with Brain products EEG Amplifiers
  • c-pod - to connect Lumina controller with Brain Products EEG Amplifiers
  • Replacement Penetration Panel Plates - For times when you run out of D-Sub cutouts on your existing penetration panel, these plates offer a perfect fit replacement, offering additional DB9 and DB9 cutouts for your cables.  Choose from five different sizes.
  • Penetration Panel Filter - This filter is necessary if you have cables going through a DB9 cutout on the penetration panel and the cutouts are not filtered already.
  • D-Sub9 Penetration Panel Filter
  • Penetration Panel Plate P1
  • Penetration Panel Plate Kit
  • Medically Rated AC Adapter - Beyond standard UL safety, our AC adapters offer the more stringent UL-60601 certification (equivalent to IEC-60601) that is required in the medical field.  CE certified.  
    Input 100-240VAC • 50-60Hz • 1.0A  Output 9VDC • 2.0A
  • Lumina Trigger Cable for connecting GE Healthcare Scanners - This quality cable is custom built for MRI scanners made by GE. Use it to synchronize a stimulus presentation with the start of a scan. Available Lengths 3 meters (15 feet) and 20 meters (60 feet)
  • Lumina Optical Trigger Cable for Siemens Scanners (various lengths available)
  • Shielded Cable for Inside or Outside Magnet Room (various lengths available)

    If you require an item not listed above or on our Prices & Ordering page, please contact us for further information by emailing us at:

The USB port can operate in one of two modes: Keyboard orStandard:

  • In Keyboard mode (also known as HID mode), your computer “sees” the controller as a keyboard, making it possible for any program to handle the controller’s output. Key press and scanner triggers can be sent to computer in different preset formats, selected from the front panel. No driver installation is necessary.
  • In Standard mode, your computer “sees” a device that is connected as a serial communications port. It is supported by several programs like SuperLabE-Prime,PresentationInquisit, and others; C++ and Pythonlibraries are also available. Several protocols (data formats) are supported and can be selected from the front panel. Supported baud rates are 115200, 57600, 19200, and 9600.

Lumina MRI & MEG response pad system

Lumina LP-400 3G complete system for fMRI incl.1 year warranty on all parts & labour (LU400-3G)
A patient-response system for use with fMRI
£ 2470.05 2828.21
Lumina 3G+ Controller (LG501) £ 1236.96 1416.32
Lumina extended 3-year Premium Warranty £ 382.68 438.17
Lumina Response Pad - pair only (specify type required)
Please look at the 7 options available on our Product Description page
£ 1121.00 1283.54
m-pod - to connect Lumina controller with Brain Products EEG Amplifiers £ 385.78 441.71
c-pod - to connect Lumina controller with Brain Products EEG Amplifiers £ 463.09 530.23
Lumina Shielded Cable for Inside MRI (65') (LG404)
Contact us for price if outside cable or different length is required.
£ 385.78 441.71
Lumina trigger cable for connecting GE scanners (15') (LU001-15) £ 77.31 88.52
Lumina Trigger cable for connecting GE scanners (60') (LU001-60)
Contact us for price if different length is required.
£ 154.62 177.04
Lumina Optical Trigger Cable for Siemens Scanners (32') (LU004-32)
Contact us for price if different length is required.
£ 37.88 43.37
Penetration Panel Plate P1-Kit £ 153.85 176.15
D-Sub9 Penetration Panel Filter (LU003) £ 76.54 87.63

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