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SuperLab 5

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Generator for building and running experiments, and collecting data

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SuperLab 5

SuperLab Pro is an experiment generator package for building experiments, running them on subjects and collecting data. You can use it to build most types of experiments that require presenting visual stimuli on the screen, auditory stimuli via speakers, controlling or synchronising with lab equipment such as fMRI, EEG, shutters and so forth. The collected data which includes reaction time is saved in a text-only file which can be read by almost all spreadsheet or statistics software.

Real Experiments. Ready

A range of classic and demo experiments are available for download. The classic experiments are based on published papers and come with a free, downloadable lab book that describes the experiment, the paper that it’s based on and the results.

SuperLab 5:  Build a much wider range of experiments, new randomization options and simplified conditional branching.  A cornerstone feature in SuperLab 5, parameters let you keep count, recall responses and text strings, and keep track of presented trials.  Use them for recall later on or to make decisions such as which trial or block to present.

Unique Leasing Feature

When you purchase at least two licences, you can take advantage of SuperLab’s unique leasing feature. For unused licences, you can specify the duration of the lease and provide licence keys to others, e.g. students. It’s like checking out a book from the library — except that you don’t have to worry about it being returned. When the lease ends, the licence is automatically returned to you.


If You Use an Eye Tracker…

…or think that you might be using one in the future, you may want to consider obtaining a SuperLab X5 Licence instead of SuperLab 5.

SuperLab has always been about combining powerful features with user friendliness. The X5 edition takes this to an entirely new level with seamless integrations built in.

SuperLab X5 integrates with SMI and Tobii eye trackers. It provides live integration, allowing a researcher to easily build gaze contingent experiments. SuperLab X5 interprets the gaze data being streamed from the eye tracker and determines if it falls within an area of interest (AOI).

When you start an experiment with a participant, SuperLab X5 provides eye tracker calibration on the fly, eliminating the need to go back and forth between your stimulus presentation computer and the eye tracker software.

When your eye tracker is not physically present, SuperLab X5 provides an eye tracker emulator using the mouse so you can continue working when away from the lab.

SuperLab X5 can also record and save the streamed gaze data.

SuperLab X5 is in public beta and available to all

SuperLab 6 is Coming

SuperLab 6 will be a free upgrade to all existing SuperLab 5 Licence owners. Similarly, if you have our finest edition, SuperLab X5, you will get a free upgrade to SuperLab X6. There is no firm release date yet; more information will follow.


The opportunity to Upgrade SuperLab 4.5 and earlier versions to SuperLab 5 is no longer available.

Stimulus Types

Some files types may be supported on only one platform, but all features work on either Mac or Windows version.

Picture Files - Most file formats are supported

Movies - Play one or several movies at the same time

Text - Kanji, Mandarin or English, SuperLab displays it all.

Sound Files - Play sounds per trial or throughout experiment.

RSVP - Rapid Serial Visual Presentation of text has never been easier.

Digital Output - Analyze EEG/ERP data better by sending event codes via StimTracker or I/O card.

Self-Paced Reading - Break text into segments and let SuperLab present one segment at a time.

Serial Output - Send control data to any device with a serial port.

Lots of Other Features including:

  • Randomization - In addition to trial randomization, SuperLab can vary:

    • Position of visual stimuli

    • Color of text

    • Exposure time or participant response’s time limit

  • E-Prime by PST, inc. the Lumina controller emulates a PST Serial Response Box

  • Looping - Repeat trials until a condition is met. Memory and learning experiments have never been easier to build.

  • Contingencies - No programming. Point and click with your mouse to create  if/then/else flow.

  • Go/No-Go Experiments - Built-in option for when participant should not respond.

  • Participant Groups - Present only specific blocks of trials or use the same random sequence on per group basis.

  • Stimulus Lists - Simplify creation of experiments by using stimulus lists for pictures, movies, sounds, or text.

  • Experiment Packaging - Save your experiment and all stimuli files in a single, compressed file.

Extensive Hardware Support


  • RB Series Desktop Response Pads

  • Lumina fMRI Response Pads

  • SV-1 Voice Key

  • Keyboard - Use to record single key presses (and releases) or entire sentences.

  • Mouse or Touch Screen - Define response areas on the screen.

  • Microphone - Mac only. Use the built-in mic jack as voice key.

  • Measurement Computing - Windows only. Use an I/O card or USB-based device to accept digital input.

  • PST Serial Response Box - Use your existing PST or SRB with SuperLab.


  • StimTracker - Ready interface to EEG and eye trackers.

  • Cedrus Response Device - All Cedrus response devices (RB-Series, Lumina, and SV-1) support up to 6 output lines.

  • National Instruments and
    Measurement Computing - Use to send event markers or control external lab equipment.

View Data. Transpose. Merge.

SuperLab collects reaction time data and saves it as plain text files, with columns separated by tabs. It is easy to open these files with programs like Excel, but for pre-viewing the data and its basic stats, the free Cedrus Data Viewer application is just unbeatable:

  • View several files at the same time, including some basic stats

  • Flag rows based on certain criteria, e.g. ones with RTs that are greater than 2 standard deviations

  • Produce a merged data file with options to transpose data (easier import into SPSS) and omit flagged rows

SuperLab 5 webinars and online demonstrations

Cedrus offer online demonstrations of the new SuplerLab 5. For further details contact


Download a demo version of SuperLab version 5 for Windows
Requires Windows 8, 7, Vista, or XP with Service Pack 3.
For using movies you need DirectX 9.0 and a compatible video card, including hardware acceleration support and VMR.

Download a demo version of SuperLab version 5 for Mac
Requires Mac OS 10.5 “Leopard” or later. Requires an Intel-based Mac.

The free 30-day trial is identical to the full product except that data collection is disabled.

Both versions of SuperLab can play movies on a single core or single processor computer, but playing movies smoothly requires a dual core computer.

SuperLab Data Viewer 2.0 is available for free download by current SuperLab users.

Windows installation requires Windows XP with Service Pack 3, Vista, Windows 7, 8 or later. 

Intel-based Mac OS 10.5 or later is required.

For using movies, you need DirectX 9.0 and a video card that works with DirectX 9.0, including support for hardware acceleration and VMR. SuperLab can play movies on a single core or single processor computer, but playing movies smoothly requires a dual core computer. We recommend at least 1 GB for memory. Having a very good video card is more important than the processing speed of the CPU.

SuperLab 5

SuperLab Pro v5 - single licence
Same price for both Educational and Non-Educational
£ 537.30 615.21
SuperLab Pro v5 - 5-pack
Same price for both Educational and Non-Educational
£ 1778.13 2035.96
SuperLab Pro v5 - 10-pack
Same price for both Educational and Non-Educational
£ 3092.40 3540.80
SuperLab Pro v5 - 20-pack
Same price for both Educational and Non-Educational
£ 5875.56 6727.52
SuperLab Pro v5 site licence - 250 activations
Up to 250 computers (can be mix of PC and MAC) in a single department at any one time.
£ 17008.20 19474.40
SuperLab Pro v5 runtime licence(1-9)
Run-Time Licence (1-9)
£ 54.12 61.96
SuperLab Pro v5 runtime licence(10-19)
Run-Time Licence (10-19). Please contact us for quote if 20+ Licences are required.
£ 46.39 53.11
New SuperLab X5
Single Licence (non-refundable). Please evaluate the free 30-day trial before you buy
£ 3088.53 3536.37

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