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Educational package based on E-Prime, containing many classic and current psychology experiments and designed to teach students about research methods and data collection.

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PsychMate provides a means for exposing students to classic and current experiments in psychology, as well as teaching students about research methods and data collection. PsychMate is a client-server application using the Internet for data submission and retrieval.

When PsychMate is coupled with the textbook Exploring Research Methods in Psychology Using PsychMate, students are equipped with the tools to both examine the core concepts of research methods and apply what they have learned through active participation in real experiments, not simple demonstrations or simulations.

PsychMate enables students to take part in 30 classic and current psychology experiments and see immediate plots and tables of their real data. The student software includes an experiment launcher to allow students to  launch the experiments they wish to run quickly and easily. Data submission occurs automatically when connected to the Internet, or students may use the Student Organizer to run offline and submit at a later time.

Instructors can analyse single subject or group data files using the many pre-specified data analyses. Use PsychMate to automatically analyse students data and generate your class materials for each lesson in printed, PowerPoint, or HTML format.

Key features

Advance student understanding with easy-to-use graphical interface

  • Enhanced graphics
  • Easy installation and running experiments
  • Students participate as subjects in real experiments
  • View single subject data, tables and plots immediately
  • Automatic data submission via the Internet
  • Allows data to be exported for analysis in other statistical packages
  • Contains 30 experiments covering classic and current research in the areas of Cognition, Perception, Social Psychology, Reaction Time Procedures, and Cognitive Neuroscience.
  • Cognitive Neuroscience category Including Brain Tutor and BrainExaminer

Prepare classroom materials with fast, comprehensive data analysis

  • Fast, easy data retrieval via the Internet
  • View group analysis of merged data
  • Generate Excel tables and plots automatically
  • Automatic results in PowerPoint or web page format
  • Complete analysis and description for each paradigm
  • Psychology Experiment Authoring Kit (PEAK)
    Students design and run their own experiments!

Experiment library

Lexical Decisions
Mental Comparisons
The Generation Effect
Typicality in Categorization
Scanning Short-Term Memory
Additive Factors Methodology
Sentence-Picture Comparison
Automatic versus Controlled Processing
Organization in Memory as an Aid to Recall
Recall, Recognition and Encoding Specificity
Executive Control, Planning, and the Tower of London

Survey Research (including two survey topics)
The Prisoner’s Dilemma
Impression Formation
Measures of Personality Traits
Automaticity and Stereotyping
Levels of Processing and the Self-Reference Effect

Number of Choices
Stimulus Probabilities

Iconic Memory
Change Blindness
Signal Detection
Perceptual Matching
Rotation of Mental Images
The Filling-In of Blind Spots: Induced Scotomas
Selective Attention and Response Competition
Attentional Interference and the Stroop Effect

Human Factors in Telephone Systems

COGNITIVE NEUROSCIENCE (Including Brain Tutor and BrainExaminer)
Working Memory

  • PsychMate is compatible with current-generation Microsoft Windows versions, including 98/ME/2000/XP (requires 250Mb and CD-ROM)
  • PsychMate is not compatible with Macintosh OS
  • Internet Explorer 6.0 or more recent
  • Instructor and student software must be installed on a machine, cannot run from CD
  • Sound Card recommended, not required
  • Internet connection required for account and data submission
  • Instructor software requires Excel 97 or more recent


PsychMate 1-year site licence
for 10 min to 49 students (price per student activation code)
Please specify the maximum number of active accounts* required during the licence period (one year). Quantity discounts of 5% for orders of 50-99 students, or 10% for orders of 100 or more students. A site licence also includes the Instructor's Kit (one Instructor Text, Student and Instructor software), and one copy of the Student Guide . Further Student Guides must be purchased separately.
£ 15.46 17.70
PsychMate 1-year site licence for 50 to 99 students (price per student)
Plus $40 Materials Fee per site will be added to the order.
£ 14.69 16.82
PsychMate 1-year site licence 100 or more students (price per student)
Plus $40 Materials Fee per site will be added to the order.
£ 13.92 15.93
PsychMate 3-year cohort licence for 10 min up to 49 students (price per student)
As for annual site licence, but licence runs for three years (for the same student throughout).
£ 41.75 47.80
PsychMate 3-year cohort licence for 50 to 99 students (price per student) £ 39.66 45.41
PsychMate 3-year cohort licence 100 or more students (price per student) £ 37.57 43.02
Student activation code only
Permits student to use PsychMate for up to one year. Does NOT include Student Guide.
£ 15.46 17.70
PsychMate Student guide only
Departments may purchase Guides to sell on or loan to students
£ 19.33 22.13
Student guide plus activation code
Permits student to use PsychMate for up to one year
£ 27.06 30.98
Additional PsychMate instructor's kit
Instructor text, instructor software, student guide and student software
£ 30.92 35.41
St.James Text
Exploring Research Methods in Psychology
£ 65.71 75.24
St.James Text plus PsychMate Student Kit
Bundle includes St.James Text plus 1 Year Activation
£ 83.49 95.60

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