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COGNITION LAB for non-profit research and education. Run cognitive tests within any modern web browser on your desktop, tablet or mobile.

Cloud based platform for Cognitive Experiments

Cognition Lab is a next generation cloud platform by BeriSoft that provides an unprecedented level of flexibility in designing and conducting cognitive experiments in the cloud.

Cognition Lab  provides a native web environment to define and execute cognitive tests in the cloud. In addition, Cognition Lab provides the same powerful scripting language as Berisoft’s popular ERTS product to define new experiments in a very simple and efficient way. In addition, 30+ configurable test paradigms are available to quickly setup student exercises or cognitive test batteries.

Besides the scripting language and library with ready to use test paradigms, Cognition Lab allows you to manage an experiment end to end from within a central web console. You can schedule any combination of tests at one or multiple measurement points and have all data immediately available for online reporting or CSV download.

With one Cognition Lab subscription you can create multiple user accounts to setup roles like study owner, experiment owner, lab assistant, data steward to support classroom scenarios or clinical trials. Role-based access control and a full audit trail make Cognition Lab the perfect platform for clinical trials that are governed by FDA/GCP regulations.

With Cognition Lab you have many different options how to enroll subjects in to experiments and administer tests.  You may launch tests directly from the web console to test subjects in your own lab, or send subjects a URL link to reach them in the field or at home, or post the URL for voluntary sign up. Since all tests are native HTML/Javascript web applications they can be executed on PC, Mac or tablet in a web browser without any installation.   Multiple sites can work on the same study, since all sessions are uniquely coded by subject number, measurement points and test.

For non-profit academic institutes, Cognition Lab is available in form of a subscription-based cloud service that gives staff and selected students access to the entire functionality of setting up and conducting experiments in the cloud. It is not priced by experiment or test execution.

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Library with predefined Configurable Test Paradigms

HIDDEN PATH LEARNING - Test ability to learn and remember a hidden pathway

ATTENTIONAL NETWORK TASK - Study the benefit of visual and auditory cues on the speed of processing visual information

LEFT-RIGHT TASK - Study the interference effects of conflicting response information vs. conflicting stimulus information

UNSTABLE TRACKING - Use compensatory tracking to measure mental stress and impact of secondary task on performance

ROAD TRACKING - Study the ability to follow a windy road under various conditions

N-BACK TASK - Study the ability to recognize items that have been presented n-steps before

WORD LIST - Study the ability to recall or reproduce items from a word list

STOP-SIGNAL TASK - Study the ability to suppress responses when a stop signal interrupts the primary task

TAPPING - Measure how fast you can tap on a key

COLOUR NAMING TASK (STROOP) - Study how color and color words can interfer each other

LINE LENGTH ESTIMATION (MUELLER-LYER) - Study the effect of different geometric shapes on estimating the length of a line

LOCATION MEMORY SPAN (CORSI SPAN) - Measure the memory span for recalling a sequence of locations

DIGIT MEMORY SPAN - Measure how many digits a person can reproduce in average  

MAZE VIGILANCE TEST - Study how you can pay attention to rare events

CARD SORTING TEST - Measure the flexibility of shifting rules on how to sort cards into different piles

SERIAL REACTION TIME TASK - Study the ability to reproduce spatial sequences

NEGATIVE PRIMING - Study how to-be-ignored information can influence your information processing

SERIAL ARITHMETIC TASK - This test measures the speed of adding and subtracting numbers from each other

DIGITAL SYMBOL SUBSTITUTION TASK - This test measures the speed of matching symbols to digits

VISUAL SEARCH - Study the speed of detecting a target symbol among distractors

TASK SWITCHING - Study the effect of blocked vs. mixed instructions on your response time

STIMULUS QUALITY - Study how degraded visual stimulus quality and time uncertainty affects response latency

STERNBERG MEMORY SEARCH (VARIABLLE SET) - Measure the time needed to recognize memorized items

STERNBERG MEMORY SEARCH (FIXED SET) -  Measure the time needed to recognize memorized items

SIMON EFFECT - Study how stimulus location can interfere with your motoric response

SPATIAL ATTENTION TASK - Study how you can benefit from a cue that predicts the stimulus location

RANDOM DOTS - Study the speed to compare random dot patterns

PICTORIAL MEMORY SEARCH - Measure the time needed to recognize memorized pictures

LETTER MATCH - Study the effect of different encoding levels on the response latency

DONDERS RESPONSE TYPES - Study how fast you can respond to visual stimuli

MENTAL ROTATION - Study the effect of symbol rotation when discriminating between normal and mirrored images

...Continuously growing library of cognitive paradigms

This is not an exhaustive list, and if you would like further information or a free trial demo please contact us at

Examples of commands in ERTS Scripting Language

  • Stimulus Material and Response Devices

    COLOR                       Screen color
    FONT                           External bitmap-fonts for displaying text pictures
    KEY                              Set of response keys
    PICTURE                    Visual stimuli like text, graphics pictures, videos
    POSITION                   Screen positions
    SET                              Collection of data objects
    TONE                           Auditory stimuli like sine wave tone and external sound files

  • Procedural Levels

    Trial                          Trial which consists of atomic events
    Block                       Set of trials which are executed as one block
    Session                    Structure of the entire session


  • Random Processes

    SET                              Collection of data objects for random drawing
    STAIRCASE               Adaptive Up/Down process


    Trial Commands

    Visual Presentation:

                              CS      Clear Screen

                              SP      Show Picture

                               FP      Fill Positions

                               PV      Play Video

                             SW      Single Word Presentation

    Screen Operators:

                                  +      Add Picture

                                 &      Concatenate Picture

    Pre-loading screen images:

                                LI      Load off-screen image

                                TI      Transfer off-screen image

                                SI      Save off-screen image

    Auditory Presentation:

                               ST      Start tone

                              CT      Clear tone

    Response Registration:

                              RK      Record Key Press

                             WK      Wait for Key

                              RS      Record Scale (VAS/ LIKERT)

                              FB      Feedback (Response classification and feedback)

    Generic Random Processes:

                              DE      Draw Element from Set

                                IS      Initialize Set

                              RE      Remove Element

  • Contact for further information or a free demo.




Cognition Lab is a native cloud solution, meaning you need internet access and a modern web browser supporting HTML5/Javascript. Some advanced features like joystick for tracking, sine wave tone generation and speech recognition are only supported in Chrome browser.

Tests have been tested on PC, Mac, and common tablet platforms. Touch input is supported except for tests that require numeric key input or joystick

Cloud Platform

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Cognition Lab - Annual Subscription for non-profit research and education £ 838.46 960.00

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