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Structural Equation Modelling Software

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EQS 6.1 provides researchers and statisticians with a simple method for conducting the full range of structural equations models, including multiple regression, multivariate regression, confirmatory factor analysis, structured means analysis, path analysis, and multiple population comparisons. With EQS, no knowledge of matrix algebra is required.  Combining technical sophistication with ease of use, EQS makes structural equations modelling even easier with Diagrammer, EQS’ new model drawing tool.  Available in a downloadable programme with Programme Manual and User’s Guide in PDF format.

EQS provides the most accurate known statistics for analysis on data that may not be multivariate normally distributed (real data are typically non-normal) with the Satorra-Bentler scaled chi-square, robust standard errors, and the Yuan-Bentler distribution-free statistics. EQS now includes polyserial and polychoric correlations for treating categorical data, additional exploration functions, enhancements to the RETEST and WTEST options, and the ability to import weight matrices.

New features available on EQS.1:

  • New and improved normal theory and missing data methods
  • Corrected normal theory methods for non-normal and missing data
  • Heterogeneous Kurtosis methods
  • Arbitrary distribution methods
  • Case (subject) weighting methods
  • Multi-level models
  • Re-sampling and simulation methods and statistics
  • Modelling features and approaches
  • Diagrammer
  • User interface improvements

Added features in 6.2:

  • Nesting and equivalence tests
  • Automatic difference tests
  • Exploratory factor analysis (with Bifactor Rotation)
  • Smoothing a correlation matrix
  • New categorical data handling options
  • New formula for robust RMSEA
  • Satorra-Bentler Mean and Variance adjusted

EQSIRT a comprehensive Item Response Theory computer programme - it has a complete model builder to simplify the building of reusable IRT commands. Like EQS, the program includes a full service data management and general statistics component for preliminary data screening. EQSIRT is transportable across Microsoft Windows, Apple’s Mac OS X (10.6 or higher), and various Linux operating systems.

MS Windows XP or above

EQS is no longer supported on Macs. However a Mac UNIX version is available - see the EQS web site for details.


EQS single user licence (academic)
An academic institution is an accredited college, university or non-profit institution
£ 459.99 526.69
EQS single user licence (student)
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£ 150.75 172.61
EQS single user licence (non-academic) £ 537.30 615.21
EQS Program Manual for Windows £ 46.39 53.11
EQS User's Guide for Windows £ 46.39 53.11
EQS site licence (permanent) for 5 users
For site network installation with up to 5 users. Does not require annual renewal.
£ 923.85 1057.81
EQS site licence (permanent) for 10 users
For site network installation with up to 10 users. Does not require annual renewal.
£ 1503.68 1721.71
EQS site licence (permanent) for 20 users
For site network installation with up to 20 users. Does not require annual renewal.
£ 2663.33 3049.51
EQS site licence (permanent) each additional user above 20
For site network installation with over 20 users. Does not require annual renewal.
£ 115.97 132.78

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