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Fast and Accurate Eye Tracking Software

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The MangoldVision EyeTracking Software Package

Fast and accurate studies with the MangoldVision Eye Tracking software package

  • The MangoldVision Manager  allows you to design your stimulus presentation as easy as drag and drop.
  • The MangoldVision Player  runs your presentation and records all data such as gaze data, the participants screen contents, facial expressions, verbal comments and last but not least the mouse and keyboard entries.
  • The MangoldVision Analyzer  allows you to easily analyze your recorded data, merge projects, calculate statistics, filter results based on participant attributes and export charts, images and videos.
  • The MangoldVision Viewer  allows you to hook up to the participants workstation through a network connection and follow the test session live. This live test can then easily be presented to a larger remote audience.

Everything you wish to show your subjects during a test is referred to as a stimulus in MangoldVision. Simply drag the stimuli of your choice into the timeline to create a sequence for your subject to view during the test.

Present Stimuli to your Participants

Develop your Project effortlessly with Drag and Drop!

Show your test subjects the first drafts of images for websites, painting, brochures, flyers, advertisements and emails.

Show your test subjects advertising videos or videos of everyday situations: sporting events, TV commercials, videos of paths taken in supermarkets, photos of buildings in architectural studies, recordings of humans and animals.

Present questionnaires at any point in a project in order to get immediate feedback from the subjects. Later on, simply filter your data based on the responses to get the results for specific user groups.

Web Pages
Simply record the computer screen while your test subjects surf the Internet. MangoldVision will record the browser activities, screen videos and full web-page images which makes the analysis very easy and professional later on.

PC Applications
Record the participants screen during PC based tests of any application during usability studies or studies on mental workload, stress, problem solving strategies or similar.

Record the Participants Facial Expressions and Comments
MangoldVision can also record the facial expressions and verbal comments of the user during the presentation of the stimuli. This allows you to get a more detailed analysis of the users behavior during the study.

Analyze, Export and Present your Data
A large number of analyses and export functions are available for images and for videos that are presented to the test subjects. Screen videos can also be analyzed, which are recorded by the computer when the test subjects are working.

Easily Combine Test Subject Data
Visualizations and analyses can be prepared for more than one test subject at any time.

Easily Combine Different Studies
Data of different projects can be merged and thus the data of different subjects under different test conditions can be compared and analyzed easily

Easily Filter Data
A filter function can be easily used to create different results on the basis of attributes that you freely define yourself (e.g. "age", "gender", experienced or inexperienced user" ...).

Gaze Plot Image and Video
The gaze plot image gives an excellent insight into the contents and the gaze sequence how test subjects have explored the given stimulus.


VT3 mini Eye Tracker

 Mangold Vision Eye Tracking Software

Professional Eye Tracking wherever you are

Powerful: Integrated computer for high speed data processing

Fast:  Large headbox and quick recovery through on-board image processing

Reliable:  Hardware time-stamped data

Robust:  Optimized for mobile and stationary applications

Automatic: Binocular and monocular tracking

Professional: The MangoldVision software and the VT3 mini eye tracker are the perfect dream-team for your eye tracking studies.

Perfect Matching Technology for more Flexibility in your Eye Tracking Studies

Run your eye tracking studies mobile and stationary with a single device.

State-of-the Art Technology for more Flexibility in your Eye Tracking Studies

The VT3 mini eye tracker offers state-of-the-art technology  for your eye tracking studies. Use the VT3 mini eye tracking device to run your tests in combination with the MangoldVision software and get stunning results at your fingertips.

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