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Mangold Interact

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A comprehensive software solution to evaluate video, audio, physiology and live observations all in one single powerful software tool.

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Professional Software for Observational Research

  • Do you want to evaluate video and audio recordings in observational studies?
  • Do you want to synchronize multiple videos, perhaps even physiological measurements or other data?
  • You have your own evaluation scheme and are looking for a software  that allows you to work freely?
  • You need a tool that provides you with reliable analyses and accurate statistics for your publications?

Then INTERACT is the right tool for you!

Behaviour coding and analysis as easy as 1-2-3

INTERACT is the comprehensive software solution for qualitative and quantitative data analysis of Multimedia Data. Evaluate videos, audio, physiology and live observations all in one single software tool.

Get extensive statistical results at your fingertips with INTERACT and find complex patterns in your data. Gain interesting insights on your observations that would have never been discovered without INTERACT

Use INTERACT Wherever and Whenever Professional Observation is Needed.

Interact Multiples

Discover more with INTERACT

  • Live and video observation in a single tool
  • Intuitive user interface for a quick start
  • Smooth data collection process for ease of use
  • Variety of data logging and coding options
  • Limitless transcription and annotation possibilities
  • Powerful data analysis for reliable results
  • For professional research and teaching

Evaluate Videos, Audio, Physiology and Live Observations all in one single Software tool

  • INTERACT offers a platform for  synchronized viewing and analysis of various multimedia video footage, audio  files and data from data acquisition systems and event logging tools. 
  • INTERACT is totally method independent. Use your own  individual observation methods and coding systems!
  • Work as with paper and pencil€Â, eg. record any  free text, behavioral codes or annotations whichever way you want and at any  time during the coding process
  • Get professional analysis on the collected data like contingency analysis, sequence analysis, latency analysis,  inter-rater-reliability (Cohen's Kappa) analysis, descriptive statistics and  much more

Stunning results at your fingertips: The integrated analysis functions and possibilities of data visualization enable you to convert simple data into stunning results.

Imagine you could make New Discoveries with just a Mouse Click

Find sequences in your research data, discover patterns, measure  correlations and more is now at your fingertips with  INTERACT.


Present Your Results Professionally

 Interact - Prof

INTERACT allows you to present results in an understandable and professional way.  That's why you save valuable time because you don't need to copy your data to  other visualization tools to create stunning charts for your  reports.

Over 100 display options give you the power to create charts  that definitely meet your needs

Integrate Physiology and Observation Data

  • You have physiological measurements, such as breathing, heart rate or skin conductance and want to evaluate together with your video observations?
  • You have other metrics such as of motion sensors, a measuring instrument or a driving simulator and want to understand what is the connection between the data and the contents in the accompanying video?

... then you need INTERACT plus DataView!

The INTERACT®  extension DataView allows to display virtually any type of external data in sync to your video footage and to integrate with the collected behavior codings in INTERACT®.


  • Import heart rate frequency data and compare the behavior of the observed subject to the currently visualized data. 

  • Use system information recorded during a drive simulation and see what the test person does, whenever the cars break pressure raises over a certain value.

  • Examine how parameters such as temperature, lightning or noise can influence a population of animals, by synchonising video recordings with those parameters and see what's happening in both worlds simultaneously.

Discover hidden relationships by integrating audio, video and data with INTERACT® and DataView.

Pattern Detection in Behavioral Coding Data

  • Do you want to discover patterns in your collected data?

  • Do you have a hypothesis you want to explore in your data?

  • Do you want to have answers to questions that are far too complex for behaviour observation only?

... then you need INTERACT and the p.a.t.t.e.r.n module!

p.a.t.t.e.r.n is a highly sophisticated method to analyze behavioral data. The INTERACT add-on module p.a.t.t.e.r.n integrates algorithms which are able to discover and quantify behavioral patterns inside your observational data.

During analysis p.a.t.t.e.r.n takes several parameters into account, such as order, duration and relative position of behavioral events. This analysis program integrates completely with Interact.

Get "Highlight"-Videos at Your Fingertips

  • You want to combine specific situations from your videos into a single "highlight" video?

  • You want to create training material for your coders or as teaching materials?

  • You want to pass your clients the highlights of your evaluation as a video?

  • You want to create video feedback material?

...then the "Highlight Video" function in INTERACT is just right for you!

Create highlight videos based on your INTERACT codings with only a few mouse clicks!

The Highlight Movie function in INTERACT  can create one single video from different video feeds. Thus, all your source material will be converted on the fly to fit the specifications of the selected destination format and to show only the parts that are of interest to you and your audience.

Use Interact wherever and whenever Professional Observation is needed.

INTERACT is known for over 25 years for its reliability and professionalism in the collection and analysis of time-based observational data. Renowned scientists in over 40 countries place their trust in INTERACT for their research.

Whether you are a user in research, technology, a professor or a student - INTERACT will help you to quickly capture your data and to gain professional results.

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